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January 9, 2013
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Ah yes, The Compaq CQ58 Presario laptop with that wonderful processor with the built in graphics crap. It was cheap, it was neat, and it had the wonderful windows 8 on it :unimpressed:

...Didnt sound half bad until windows 8 popped up..

Okay, So you have a CQ58 and you want to install Ubuntu on it. of course this would typically be trivial on other laptops, simply popping in a disc into the tray, booting from the disc and installing. That was until HP decided to make the motherboard, OS, and boot file UEFI. Originally, Ubuntu 64bit (any flavor) will also install into a UEFI system. Only issue is that HP also made the EFI boot file for windows 8 only. A very annoying choice of going about things. This can potentially render the laptop useless if the OS goes corrupt ( Unless you know how to make backups and restore said EFI file and windows 8 OS ). But anyways, if you came here you are probably looking for a way to get ubuntu working on this laptop, just in case you hate windows 8 and its bloatware with memory leaks... (yes on my laptop windows 8 has horrible memory leaks at startup...)</rant>.

Take in mind, there is no 100% guarantee on my end this will work for you, it worked for me and its a rather simple work around that still enables you to boot windows 8 AND ubuntu by simply pressing a hotkey after powering on the laptop.

   Now, if you are ready to go, and understand the Risk of messing around with the BIOS and OS boot system, then continue on, I can at least say that if this worked for me with my luck, itll probably work for you, scroll down to begin the tutorial.

**Step 1 Setting up the BIOS for legacy support.
  1.) Power on the computer, and while at the black screen press F10
  2.) You will come to a BIOS setup screen, using the arrow keys to navigate, go to the System Configuration Tab, and then select the Boot Options section.
  3.) In the Boot options window, Select Enable legacy Support. And on this section select Enable and hit enter. Another prompt will come up warning things like "This can make the system unable to boot", just select Yes to finalize it and leave it at that. Do not worry about making the system unable to boot, it will boot just fine as long things are done right.

  4.) after this is done, press F10 To save and exit the BIOS settings, and then when the computer boots simply shut it back down, and leave it off for now, until the next section of the tutorial.

Basically what you did here was enable Legacy support on the laptop. As Primarily the laptop is UEFI, it also supports Legacy for older operating systems like Windows7, XP, Ubuntu, etc... But you have to enable it in the BIOS. next up, how to install Ubuntu Secure Remix x64 bit.

**Step 2 Installing Ubuntu Secure Remix x64bit.
  1.) Get the Ubuntu Remix install disc if you haven't already. (See Authors notes below for link to the image)
  2.) Now start the laptop, at the black screen before the compaq splash screen comes up, hit the F9 Button to bring up a boot menu, this will have various boot options, and this is the part where you slip the install disc into the CD drive, and select Internal Optical Drive, (it might not be called that on your laptop, idr it corectly, but just boot from the disc drive, youll know it when you see it.)

  3.) Ubuntu should boot up in the CD, where you will install like you would install Ubuntu on any other laptop. If you need help going through the install process I suggest you look somewhere on ubuntu forums for that... But its straightforward. You dont have to worry about repartitioning yourself or anything, just keep enough space for the windows 8 partition and the ubuntu partition at the slider, etc... and let it install.

  4.) Now after it is done installing, It will reboot, now here is the trick, you would think you can boot windows 8 from grub and boot straight up to grub. You cannot. HP, as I said before. Jacked with the UEFI configuration and made windows 8 the primary operating system (no matter what). Now even though this is true there is a work around which ill explain here...

** Using the new ubuntu install alongside windows 8

 To boot into Ubuntu ->
 After powering on the laptop, hit the F9 button to go into the boot menu. When you are in the boot menu you simply select Notebook Hard Drive to boot with GRUB into ubuntu. and thats it! Take in mind you will see the "Windows 8 loader" option in GRUB but you cant use it to boot into windows 8, this is due to all kinds of lulziness to the which would be annoying to explain, simply see below if you want to boot into windows 8...

 To boot into windows 8 ->
 After powering on the laptop, let it sit and it will automatically boot into windows 8 if you do not select any hot key (IE: F9, F10, etc.. ) The laptop will go into the windows 8 bootloader and boot into windows 8 if you so please.

And that is it! you now have Ubuntu 64 bit installed alongside windows 8 on your compaq CQ58! using this simple work around.

PS: If youre having any issues or questions with this, let me know and ill see if I can help, as I said earlier because of how HP set this laptop up, it was rather a sticky situation getting any of this to work at first, but after I did these exact steps I showed you here, it got to working. So of course issues should be gone, and this system should work to getting ubuntu installed and running.

- From the Fellow Experimental Deviant :wormnomnom:
Okay, so after a request and some thinking time, I finally got this tutorial written up for anyone who wishes to install ubuntu 12.10 Secure remix x64bit on the compaq CQ58-bf9wm Presario laptop.

If you need the install image to Ubuntu 12.10 secure remix you can find it in the links section below.

I Haven't had any issues with Ubuntu running on this laptop except for one small thing, and that was the screen wont dim, Idk ive seen it on a lot of laptops so it didnt really suprise me, let me know if you guys get any more issues, maybe we can start up a community in the ubuntu forums and see if we can get any developers to work on it.

Ubuntu UEFI tutorial Was what I originally got the suggestion for ubuntu secure remix. It helped me out with only that though, so im linking it for informational purposes only.
Ubuntu secure remix Can be downloaded for anyone looking to make an installer disc. I havent tried installing from USB but im sure that will work too, just modify one of the steps to install off of the USB instead of the optical drive (I have not confirmed this, but it MIGHT work). You use the 64-bits iso image to install ubuntu none the less.

And this will ONLY work on the Compaq CQ58-bf9wm Presario laptop thats running windows 8 UEFI, if you have a different model I suggest doing some of your own research to install ubuntu on. As I can not guarantee the outcome of using this tutorial for that.
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KEViN212 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Does anyone knows how to bring this computer to boot from usb ? I would like to install Ubuntu by my USB stick but it doesnt work...I dont want to brun a CD -.-
OrrinFox Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
press F9 to go to boot options, and select Legacy USB or w/e its called on your device.
donshimoda Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
Thanks for this tip...we've just got this new laptop at home today and I was downgrading it to Windows7 for my mum to use (no Ubuntu yet ;-)

The legacy mode seems to work fine -- I am booting up a Win7lite (piratebay-CD) as I write these lines and I'm pretty sure (alghouth I haven't tried myself) that it should work too if trying to boot Win8 again from another partition by just leaving the system boot on its own without pressing any key and no disc inside the optical unit.

I am in fact going to wipe the hard drive clean of any Win8 "lulziness"...these HP-Compaq-MS guys are really trying hard to make it more and more difficult each time :-D
OrrinFox Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
Indeed they are, by now I've actually wiped windows 8 from mine. And it boots straight up to ubuntu no problem. And yet STILL in the BIOS is says the primary OS is "Windows 8" no way to change it or anything. This shit is what makes Dennis Ritchie roll in his grave.
PatrickMorizot Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
thank you very much but could you explain the steps to restaure win 8 in case i need to send it back to hp cause i do not want to lose my warrant on that machine -Patrick
OrrinFox Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
Restore windows 8, as in delete the ubuntu partition and all that? I'm not positive.. but since windows 8 is kinda hardcoded into the bootloader I bet you could just delete the ubuntu partitions and resize the main partition for windows 8. that is My guess and I cannot guarantee that it will do anything or work, hell for all I know it could fuck up the whole system. if you want to get windows 8 back on it only, then the best thing would be to get a windows 8 disc and reinstall it, then grab all the BIOS, EFI, and drivers off of the website at HP, but maybe, you would just have to do some research on this yourself.
PatrickMorizot Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
sorry i pressed too times
PatrickMorizot Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
thank you very much but could you explain the steps to restaure win 8 in case i need to send it back to hp cause i do not want to lose my warrant on that machine -Patrick
doctormo Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Nice guide of the problems UEFI DRM is causing. Those bastards at Microsoft knew what they were doing to try and stamp on Free Software.

OrrinFox Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Indeed, just a little step close to gettting a distro working on as many devices as possible! Microsoft and HP really tried to make things proprietary... Im just glad this one worked :phew:
Ive had a lot of instances where things wont work until you perfect it :paranoid:
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